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Off Topic Un Funny Joke Question

Here's an un funny joke.

Bill was driving home very late at night along a deserted road when his car breaks down. Bill is a trained car mechanic and on inspecting his engine finds there is a part which cannot be repaired on the spot. He has no alternative but to commence walking the ten miles to his home. After five miles he comes to a tee junction where he sees a vehicle standing, bonnet (hood) raised. Obviously, also broken down. The owner of this car, Jim, inherited it from his father but he is a complete technophobe and does'nt have the first clue about mechanics. Bill looks at the engine and sees that an electrical lead has become detatched. The petrol tank is full. In two minutes the engine is running smoothly and Jim asks Bill in which direction he was aiming. Bill says he lives five miles up the road to the left. Jim apologises to Bill that, unfortunately, he lives to the right in the opposite direction, but offers Bill 10.00 for his expertise and suggests that he catch the early morning bus arriving in two hours time. Bill decides to walk the final five miles.

What should Bill have done?


Profound apologies. Forgive ?

Quirky John- Photographist - London - UK