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Re: Painters.Please Dont Feel Left Out of The ''Alternative'' PhotoWorld.

So you might say
"Le crayon de la nature, c'est moi"
Don Sweet
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Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 8:44 AM
Subject: Painters.Please Dont Feel Left Out of The ''Alternative'' Photo World.

There's hope for us all.
As a graphic artist,  painter and photographer I have come to realize that I am also an ''alternative camera'' with built in printmaker.....as follows.
The environmental image is focused on my retina through the lenses of the eyes.  Then, using various media, I can make pictures on a support, a wall, a sheet of paper, canvas, metal etc., with reference to thememory.                                           VOILA ! !
             Does it need to be more complicated than that ?  To me a painting or drawing taken from  physical surroundings can be considered to be an ''alternative'' photographic image recorded  through this human system.
Two well known photographers may have realized this towards the end of their careers and gave up using cameras and film and took up painting and drawing.  Robert Demachy and Henri Cartier Bresson.
                   Anyone know of any more photographers who did this for whatever reason?
''OK. So what ! ! ? ?'',  I hear you cry. ''How does that affect the price of fish ?''  or , ''If my grandmother had wheels she would be a bus.''
               Smart answers,  yes, but I'm heading out to renew my gear when the stores open.
               Fun and therapy to all in days to come.
Ultra Quirky John - Photographist - London - UK
              P.S. No drugs were used in the above revelation.