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3200 SHEET FILM? was Re: Ilford developers

	I have always wondered why neither Kodak nor Ilford have sold their
3200 speed films as sheet films.  Where else would one really LOVE the speed
and not care as much about the grain?  Don't you find that curious?  
	I lust after Delta 3200 in 8X10.  Can you imagine that speed?  Even
after filter factors and/or bellow factors you could use a high F# and not
have to expose for seconds!  
	Anyone know anyone at those places?  Maybe we could induce them to
make some in those sizes?  


	You are right in all you say...these films don't have much shelf
life so no manufacturer will want to make anything that won't sell fast.
Perhaps the idea is to see if we can discover a market and have a quantity
******I am not a member of the Large Format Forum.  Might someone who IS a
member ask if any of them agree that is would be great to have an 8X10 film
in 3200 effective speed?  
	I developed 120 Delta 3200 in PMK at 20:20:1000 as per Gordon's
recommendations and got great results.  I see no reason we couldn't do this
with 4X5, 5X7, and 8X10.  
	I would really appreciate it if someone would forward my e-mail to
the LFF and post their replies.