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On Wed, 19 Sep 2007, Ender100@aol.com wrote:

here is the link:  "magnachrome" or http://www.magnachrom.com/MCHome.php
If I weren't eager to see the work of two photographers whom I seriously respect (Christina and Diana), I would have already told magnachrom to take their, um, "protocol" and, um, fly out to space with it.

I have in my improbably long life had some serious transactions, including deals worth millions (of dollars) and legal operations with serious ramifications, affecting life, liberty, family, community, country and posterity (to name but a few), with "secrets" technical, psychological, national and international, yet I have NEVER EVER encountered such a fusillade of legalese, let alone been expected to read page after page after page of small white sans serif type on a pale grey background, legible perhaps to the highest echelons of the CIA, with a week to kill on steroids... tho no guarantee.

For all I know I have agreed to give them my first-born if I say anything to anybody about their style, let alone their typography.... though I can only hope -- my first-born would tear them to shreds and feed them to the fishes.

Nevertheless, for reason cited above, I crossed all t's and dotted all i's and was told, in effect, "Congratulations, you are registered, we'll send you an e-mail to verify." Said e-mail has not, however, arrived, so they lie as well as pettifog. Or let's say their software is no better than their brainware.

Meanwhile, as a citizen of what may loosely be called the "photo community" I think this kind of operation needs "deconstruction." You don't have to be, say, J. Edgar Hoover or Alan Greenspan to figure out that the info sought about my personal hardware is intended to sell me to advertisers, tho, not having been able to decipher the fineprint legalese, I can only suppose that it is intended to persuade me not to steal their material, and to describe what would happen should I try. (Memo to self: check "Delusions of Grandeur" in the DSM4 -- or maybe it's DSM6 by now.)

Frankly, my present practice of stealing babies and selling them to the gypsies is almost certainly more lucrative ... I'm sorry to miss the work of our friends, though on the other hand, I find myself hesitant to "enable" such shenannigans (and yes, I'm serious about that).

oops, correction... tho IMO this makes it worse: While I was writing this screed, the following e-mail arrived;

Thank you for registering for MAGNAchrom. Before we can activate your
account one last step must be taken to complete your registration!

Please note - you must complete this last step to become a registered member. You will only need to click on the link once, and your account will be updated.

To complete your registration, click on the link below:

<a href="http://www.magnachrom.com//ConfirmRegistration.php?CODE=8eAEXiGf";>AOL Users click Here to be Activated</a>

**** Does The Above Link Not Work? ****
If the above link does not work, please use your Web browser to go to:

Please to be sure not to add extra spaces. You will need to type in your user name and activation number on the page that appears when you click on our copy the above link in your browser.

Your Username is: jseigel@panix.com
Your Activation ID is: [xxxxxxxxxxxx]

If you are still having problems signing up please contact a member of our
support staff at customersupport@magnachrom.com

Thanks very much,
The MAGNAchrom team

Well guys, feeling compelled by a higher power to go seek some extra spaces... I close now. Tho I feel I've encountered something very special. Maybe I can publish it.
love & kisses...