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Re: Rubbing alcohol = Isopropyl alcohol? Acetic acid?

Small molecule alcohols, like methanol and ethanol are more
damaging to some rubber, plastic materials, adhesives,
etc. and they are not particularly recommended as a cleaning
solution unless the material is known to be safe. These days
there are fewer problematic materials in mainstream use in
consumer products, but a lot of special purpose materials are
easily damaged. Also lots of vintage products use those easily
damaged materials. One good example is the plastic used the
heads of some old tape decks (just outside the magnetic
circuit but inside the opening of the metal case). Another
example is the viewfinder screens used in many SLR cameras.

Many professional quality tape deck manufacturers recommended
isopropanol or their own branded proprietary cleaning
kit. Many SLR viewfinder screens should be cleaned by
mild water-based cleaner after disassembling the part.
Ryuji Suzuki
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