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Re: Archival washing at home

It is possible to buy a snap-lock adaptor--one part screws on to your kitchen faucet and the other to a regular garden hose connecter. The part on the faucet stays put till you need to take it off for inspection. The other part stays with your hose which you connect to whatever washing device you use. Snap on snap off is easy. If you can't find one locally, google WILLIAMS BREWING.
Alternatively, you can get a rubber hose with a flared fitting on it which will awkwardly fit over a bathtub faucet.
I don't know where you live, but it is almost certainly illegal for your landlord to come in unanounced.
Charles Portland Oregon
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Subject: Archival washing at home

I live in a rented apartment, which means I can't touch the plumbing. This
also means that any "external" plumbing I rig up needs to be easily taken
down and concealed, as my landlord periodically inspects all the apartments
in my complex.

I plan to make fairly large prints, so the bathtub seems like the best place
to set something up.

I'm curious what other printers have rigged in their bathrooms/kitchens/etc.
(pictures would great if possible) for their final wash, and whether anyone
has any ideas for me.

Camden Hardy