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Re: papers for gum

Laura, since no one else seems to be jumping in here, I'll jump in while I'm still at the computer.

If you don't like a very smooth, flat paper, you wouldn't like my favorite paper (Arches Bright White hot press); it has a very smooth crisp surface, and unlike other hot-press watercolor papers I've used, keeps its smooth surface through repeated soakings.

I'm not sure which Fabriano Artistico you've used. I tried Artistico years ago (the old Artistico) and didn't like its texture. A lot of people seem to like Artistico Extra-White, but I don't find its surface texture to my liking at all (as you said, each to his own), although I do think it's a good paper for beginners because it's easy to coat (my paper is a real bear to coat smoothly).

Of the ones you listed, the only one I have experience with is Waterford, and I didn't care for it (not because of printing characteristics but because of surface texture) but that's very subjective. As you've gathered, paper choice is a very subjective thing, and may require some trial and error.


On Sep 28, 2007, at 8:09 AM, Laura Valentino wrote:

Hi All,
Since the list seems to be in gum-mode, I thought I'd ask what papers you are using. I started with Lanaquarelle, both hot and cold pressed, because it came with my "gum print kit". I think it is a rather nice paper, but then I decided to try Fabriano Artistico 600 gsm (at the suggestion of Hamish Stewart) as the idea of a heavy paper that dries flat appealed to me. It's wonderful for that...but I've come to the conclusion that it's not really a very beautiful paper (to each his own). The hot pressed is just sooo smooth and flat and the cold pressed has an very regular lumpy texture that I don't like.

I see that Loris (and maybe others) have tried Masa paper...I went online and see that it is very lightweight. It doesn't buckle?

There isn't a huge selection of papers here locally, some brands that are available are Waterford, Dahler Rowney, Schut (I think is how the woman on the phone spelled it) and Hannemuhle. Has anyone used those? Other than that, I'll have to special order, but I'm used to that.