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Re: Two tricolor prints: a question

Well, I figured out what the problem is, I think, but I'm not sure why it's happening or how to fix it.

Two different colorized negatives, same applied color, same negative media, same pigment mix, same paper, same everything. With one, a negative I've been using a lot lately for test prints of various kinds and has been printing beautifully, a given density prints as paper white, just as I intended. With the other (one of the separations from the example I showed), same negative color, same curve, same pigment mix, etc, the exact same density prints substantial unwanted tone.

After going back and forth comparing the test strips, the charts, the test prints, the digital negative files, to no avail, I finally took the actual physical negatives and put them next to each other. The color layers have the same color layer applied in screen mode (R255, G89, B89) but the physical negatives aren't the same color. The ones I've been using before so successfully are more orange; the new ones, that aren't working well, are more red.

I always do a nozzle check before I print negatives, and clean if necessary til the nozzle check prints perfectly. So it shouldn't be a clogged nozzle that's accounting for these negatives suddenly printing a different color. But what could it be? The print settings are the same in both cases.