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Re: uncurve/curve comparison on Loris' website

Hi Katherine,

Maybe I misunderstood one of your ealier posts.... I don't have time to search back right now for it, but I thought you had been working on a calibration and the results had been what seemed to be ok differentiation in the deep shadows and highlights, but very flat midtones.... I thought if you could post what the curve liked like when shown in the Photoshop Curves Window that it would be helpful to see what is going on.  Usually you can tell by the shape of the curve what the problem is.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 9/30/07 4:46:02 PM, kthayer@pacifier.com writes:

Sorry, Mark, I wasn't ignoring this, I just didn't see it until now.  
And now that I see it, I can't respond to it because I have no idea 
what you're asking for.   This thread apparently started out to be 
about Chris's comparison between two images with two very different 
pronounced color casts, and then quickly switched to be about 
Charles' difficulties with his tricolor gum prints.   If one can 
judge by the quote on your post, (copied below) your request seems to 
come in response to something I said as part of  a muddled 
communication between me and Loris about Charles's problem, that has 
since been untangled.   At any rate,  I'm at a complete loss as to 
what curve you're talking about.

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