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Re: uncurve/curve comparison on Loris' website

My mistake then.  It sounds like you have been able to calibrate a curve that works well for you.

In a message dated 9/30/07 7:03:21 PM, kthayer@pacifier.com writes:

Mark wrote:

> Maybe I misunderstood one of your ealier posts.... I don't have 
> time to search back right now for it, but I thought you had been 
> working on a calibration and the results had been what seemed to be 
> ok differentiation in the deep shadows and highlights, but very 
> flat midtones.... I thought if you could post what the curve liked 
> like when shown in the Photoshop Curves Window that it would be 
> helpful to see what is going on.  Usually you can tell by the shape 
> of the curve what the problem is.

Yes,  you did misunderstand completely.  That was in a different 
thread altogether;  I was discussing curves for gum in general, and 
to illustrate a point, I was describing some curves and charts people 
have sent to me over time as examples of "good" gum curves, that fit 
that description.  They were generated, actually, from the PDN system 
(although I didn't mention that because I didn't think it was germane 
to the discussion).   But no, I wasn't describing any curve of my 
own, nor do my curves fit that description.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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