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Re: Soho show

I just KNEW that this list would be represented...isn't it interesting that at a minimum, 20% of the show is alt listers? And Ken, it would be GREAT if you could take pictures there! So happy to hear from a few list lurkers finally, too!

Peg, so glad to hear from you; I was just wondering about how you were, yesterday. And, as a matter of fact, one of the bromoils I entered in the show was taken at your house, with the nude model and your skeleton! I entitled it "Thin"--as you'll know what I mean (if you remember one of the models).

Did you enter the kallitype that we all ooohed and ahhed about at your house?

BTW, for the list--a little story. Peg and I were part of a Nashville photo workshop, and part of the workshop was a nude in landscape shoot. That was when we found out by the authorities (it was not pleasant, btw, and almost lost our equipment) that you cannot be nude in the landscape on state land. I will not go into details on this because of some legalities, but Peg graciously offered her property on a moment's notice for a setting for the shoot, and it was better than the state land by FAR. She has the greatest studio with all this odd stuff in it, including the skeleton. AND a full on bull (?) head and hide of her former pet (did I get this correct?).

That's also (Nashville) where I got a major case of the chiggers. wow.

So, to make a very long story short, it is very fun to meet other listers when traveling as we are a small community.
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christina, one of my kallitpes got in. peg fredi

Peg Fredi

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I'm so excited--two of my students and I got accepted into the Soho show!
Anyone else on this list, too??

Don't know if it was a bromoil or a gum that got in yet, as letters of
acceptance come by snail mail; I know Maggie's work is platinum over ink
jet a la Burkholder process (thanks again, Dan)...Cale's--don't know yet but
either platinum or gum.

Since I don't have time to travel to the opening, if someone on this list
lives in NY and goes (Judy if it is you, stand by the pic in a mouthily
sloganned T-shirt, will you???), will you please take an installation pic
for me and send me a jpg (or is that not allowed)?? Oh, it is Maggie
Mateskon and Cale Hofferber--the students.

I don't know if I am more excited about me getting in, or them!


Soho Photo Gallery, Alternative Processes Competition, 15 White Street, New
York, NY 10013
25 - 30 photographers will be selected to exhibit their winning entries in a
group show at Soho Photo Gallery from
November 6 - December1, 2007. The opening reception will be held on November
6, from 6 - 8 PM. Prizes for Juror's
Choice, 1st, 2nd, 3rd will be awarded. Honorable mention will be given at
the discretion of the Juror.

Christina Z. Anderson
Assistant Professor, Photo Option Coordinator
Montana State University, VCB 220
Box 173350
Bozeman Montana 59718