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RE: Ambrotype Glass


You might find it helpful to have a specific order number when dealing with
your local stained glass shop. Here is the short of it:

Black Cathedral Glass (Spectrum 1009S)
This is the mainstay of wet plate photographers. As Kerik pointed out, it
makes beautiful ambrotypes.

Ruby Cathedral Glass (Spectrum 152S) This will require a black backing since
it is not opaque.

Amethyst Cathedral Glass (Spectrum 140SE) This will require a black backing
since it is not opaque.

Since you are going to buy it retail, be picky and look for smooth sections.
When the black glass is processed it goes through rollers to get it
flattened into sheets. Only problem is the pressure is greater at the center
of the rollers which makes the outer edges rougher, perhaps 6-10 inches on
both sides. Stained glass folks don't really care about this for their work
the best I can tell, but you want it as smooth as possible. If the shop has
a full sheet ask them to cut the glass from the middle of the sheet.

Good luck.


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The black glass I use is opaque. You will be astonished at the depth of wet
plate images on glass, tin or blackened aluminum, which I use the most.


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> Hello!
> It's been a long time since I've seen an Ambrotype in the flesh. When you
> say Black, is this transparent or opaque. I saw some opaque black glass.
> But
> I'm thinking it won't have the same depth?
> Thanks again!
> Max
> On 10/1/07 6:20 PM, "Kerik" <kerik@kerik.com> wrote:
> > You should consider experimenting with different colors to see what you
> > like. Many contemporary ambrotypists use black glass like Spectrum black
> > cathedral glass. I've also used dark purple/ruby and have seen nice
> plates
> > on blues, greens, etc.
> >
> > Here's some info: