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Welcome back from China—I understand you had the pleasure of sharing a room at the hospital there with Sam Wang.  I guess it was a different part of your anatomy that was feeling discomfort!  Watch out for those water coolers that have a pipe running to the bathroom!

Glad you are both ok.  How is that new camera?  Do you have a website for the company?

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 10/2/07 4:04:40 PM, sanking@clemson.edu writes:

You definitely don't want chiggers. Those little fellows tend to
settle on one particular part of my anatomy. Oh well, might as well
say it is the lower balls!! And once they get entrenched there, well,
they are kind of ball busters.

Although I grew up in the south and this region has always been my
home, I never in my life encountered the kind of infestation of
chiggers and ticks that I found in the workshop this year in
Nashville. My wife had to pick those nasty chiggers and ticks off my
body for at least a week after I got back home.

But Peg was great to allow use of her beautiful place, and I figure I
got more of the chiggers and ticks out at Don's farm.


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