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Re: Edmund Teske and solarization

These are the process notes (below) I have on Teske that I put in my Chromoskedasic chapter in the Experimental Workbook. However, in retrospect, I really should not have put them in that chapter because his process is really what I call "painting with light" where you only partially fix the print and then expose it to strong light and let the colors appear until they look good and then fix fully. Chromoskedasic uses chemistry to achieve the colors (ammonium thiocyanate and potassium hydroxide). However, it is possible since he is not draining well between steps that there is still some chemical contamination between developer and stop and fixer that occurs, I suppose.

I did this method and its variations extensively... In fact my negatives tended to be super contrasty (for other reasons) and whenever I couldn't get tone in the highlights I would burn with some kind of VERY strong bulb so close it could burn "mazda" into the print.

However, I note that how much of the color you see before the final fixing actually remains after fixing is VERY variable. In the version I did (on Brovira #6) the colors tended to seriously fade... they could be revved up later with silver plating and other kinds of toning, but if memory serves you got more of the colors to stay by doing it with/on color chemistry.