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Re: bites

Hi Judy,

Both models were female—sisters as a matter of fact.  One of them is an attorney, which came in quite handy when the Park Ranger decided that she should  confiscate camera and film.  At most, the Park Ranger could ask us to leave. 

I can't say that the Park Ranger was humorless.  At one point I told her that she was extremely lucky...  She look at me with a curious eye and asked "why?".... I told her "well....... it could have been ME that you found naked instead of the models!"  That got a good laugh from her and helped lower the tension.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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But, lest I be accused of practicing medicine without a license, I take
the license of noting that "nude in landscape" photography is generally
taken to mean *male* nude in landscape, tho I note in some surprise that
the models in this case may have been female (perhaps a southern custom

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