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RE: world's oldest photo lab article

Rumor is that the photos are actually of Judy Seigel's darkroom ....

Actually, Don, et al, my darkroom was *built* in 1832, making it by my math older than "the world's oldest," tho it didn't become a darkroom until my reign of terror, a few years after that.

The late Peter Moore took some marvelous photos of that darkroom (which I'll find in the mess around here some day) for a Modern Photography article. But they called it "the Dungeon Darkroom," which struck me as somewhat insensitive. (I thought of it more as a grotto.) Now of course I work mostly upstairs in the studio ("lightroom"), but I still love that space... cool in summer, cozy in winter. (And yes, I had/have a lot of chemicals. Doesn't everybody?)


Don Bryant
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That IS interesting!

On 10/5/07, david drake wrote:
'Turning a key in a lock has revealed a past hidden away for 152 years:
lab of one of the world's
very first photographers has been rediscovered. Intact and
whole.' C. Saulnier


I came across this very interesting article today on www.niepce.com I
recall seeing anything about this on the list and thought others might
interested. http://www.niepce.com/pagus/pagus-eve.html


david drake photograp hy

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