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RE: the grammar of spam

	One more "ting" (as we say in Barbados).  Don't you find it
interesting that the world looks upon photographers as a rather un-erudite
group and looks to publishers of magazines and books as MUCH more erudite?
The evidence seems to clearly contradict this thesis. 
	Re: the posting about "McDonald's"; though it may be far from the
truth, one might make the argument that it is a contraction of "McDonald's
Restaurant" citing the possessive form of the owner's name, i.e. the
restaurant belonging to Mr. McDonald.  In this case the possessive form is
acceptable if not rigorous...much like "Chez Bub" or "Da Roberto" which my
French and Italian friends (respectively) use to refer to my kitchen.

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> The cover has the title in enormous, bold, type, "PHOTO'S FROM 
> WITHIN". From a publisher. Adults who proof read every day. 

Sounds like the proof reader that now works for View Camera magazine.

Don Bryant

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