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RE: Jim Patterson Cuprotype

Please, please! :) I'm very interested...

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Thanks, Mark.

Kerik, I have a little contact print of one of Jim's that I could scan
send to Loris if he would post it. Bernie's were quite lovely pink (tho
don't have his process notes).  Jim's are what I would
call...hmmm....it's a 
lipstick kind of plummy brown...I'm sure you can relate to
pink terra cotta?  It is similar to the color of copper toning a BW
but brickier.

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From: "D. Mark Andrews" <mark@dragonbones.com>
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You can view three of Cor Breukel's copper prints at this site:

I used to have a bookmark for another site with a good number of copper
prints, but can't seem to locate it right now.

Also, there is a good article by Cor on copper printing in PF#9

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Are there and examples of Cuprotypes on the web you can point us to?