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RE: Pyrocat HD Capacity?

AFAIK, Pyrocat is a one-shot developer? Why are you concerned with
reusing the developer? (If I'm not misunderstanding you...) Pyrocat is
already pretty cheap (more so when you mix it yourself), especially when
compared to the price of a single sheet of 5x7" film...

If it's hard to obtain the developer in your area, then I suggest that
you purchase...
a) ...a couple of big packs of glycol versions, that way you'll spend
less shipment cost per unit of developer. Since it has a very long shelf
life( if you won't use if often), buying in big amounts is not an
b) ...the raw materials and mix it yourself. I mixed Pyrocat MC in
glycol myself; it works like a charm + it's easy/cheap (given you can
buy the necessary chemicals locally, for good prices. That was my case -
except the Pyrocatechol which I imported from Germany. The remainder
materials were all purchased locally for really good prices...


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Can anyone advise the capacity, preferably in terms of numbers of 5"7"
sheets, of a litre of 1+1+100 Pyrocat HD?

The film stock is Arista Edu Ultra 100, exposed at ISO 50.

I plan to use 8"x10" trays and I have a recommended semi-stand of 18
minutes, aiming for negs which will be OK for salted prints.