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Re: Pyrocat HD Capacity?

My times, at 1:1:150, are similar.
Don Bryant wrote:

Here is the info my bud here in Atlanta send me about his stand development
for 120 TMAX 100. He is using Pyrocat MC (only because he is out of HD right

Snip %<-------------------------------------------------------------------

I'm using 1:1:100 (stronger than people recommend) - 13 minutes. 20s at
start and 10s at halfway. Rate the film at 100 (it definitely increases the
speed over other development methods I have used). I just use a Jobo tank
with a lid so I can invert. 5 minute prewash in distilled water.

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Loris I can send you a small JPG off list if you wish that is a scan from a
negative he developed yesterday shot with his Rollei.