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Dear Bob and list members

We can recommend one of the best Hasselblad repairers "in the world", David Knapman (an Englishman just outside Gothenburg where we live). Maybe he has the spare part you want. If you tell us what you need (offlist) we can ask him. Don't know if he has email or website. Think he still has spare parts for Hasselblad 1000F, 1600F, 500, 503, 2000F  etc. He repairs what is needed, does not overcharge etc.

Hans & Chia

22 okt 2007 kl. 21.09 skrev BOB KISS:

The Hasselblad Users' Group just circulated an e-mail of a press
release from the CEO of Hasselblad.  
For another perspective (and, perhaps a reality check) please read
the e-mails below.   

-----Original Message-----
From: Partsorder VHAB [mailto:partsorder@hasselblad.se] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 5:22 AM
Subject: Svar: C'MON

Dear Mr Kiss,
Claes Milton has informed me about your enquiry, and it is quite obvious
that it causes a great deal of frustration to you that we cannot supply this
flash sync. spare part any more.

It is of great value to Hasselblad that you have been a devoted ambassador
for many years, and I am sorry that you feel we are letting you down.

Even a company like Hasselblad must discontinue deliveríes of spare parts at
some point, and you are right that we could have chosen to ensure deliveries
by engaging an external company. There are several reasons why we have not,
and our policy has been to deliver spares for 20 years after discontinuing a

Due to the dramatic changes in the business environment and the pace of
technological development, the so-called product life cycle is getting
shorter and shorter. For our digital product we have to deliver spares for 5
years after discontinuation (legislation), but the products are obsolete
within those 5 years because of the pace of development.

This is the way the market development takes us - like it or not.

The bottomline is, that we are not able to help you out on this spare part.
We cannot keep you from speaking badly about us if you choose to, but I hope
you will not.

Best regards

Carsten Kronborg
After Sales Manager

"BOB KISS" <bobkiss@caribsurf.com> 29-06-05 14:03 >>>

I have recently ordered and received parts for my 25-year-old Seal
dry mount press and my three Gray Lab timers one more than 30 years old.
Both companies have either changed owners or merged with larger companies
(another sign of the times).  BOTH have established subsidiary companies or
made arrangement with independent companies who access and sell parts for
their older equipment.  The Graylabs cost less than $100 when I bought them.
The Seal press cost around $1,000 originally and the latest version of the
same model costs around $1,700.  They are both companies, like Hasselblad,
that built equipment to last for the hard working professional.  They
understand that good will, positive public relations, AND FUTURE SALES
depend on them maintaining the reputation of standing behind their
equipment.  If companies that sell equipment at a small fraction of the cost
of even a Hasselblad lens can manage to arrange an outside supplier for
spare parts why can't Hasselblad?
I don't want to believe that the company that I have promoted for
all these years will, indeed, let me down.  You have stated, "There are
several reasons why we have not, and our policy has been to deliver spares
for 20 years after discontinuing a product" but you have not told me those
I was quite put off by the dismissive tone of Claes' e-mail but I am a
reasonable man and will listen to reason.  Try explaining your reasons to
Further I, like the rest of the world, intend to go digital.  I
intend to purchase a digital back for my Hasselblads and connect it to an
Imac with a fire wire.  Your statement about the life of the new Hasselblad
digital equipment has made it clear to me that it will be MUCH economically
wiser to find a spare parts supplier for my older 'Blad equipment (even if
it means buying extra equipment for parts) and update the digital backs than
to purchase new digital Hasselblad equipment which will have, by your own
statement, "For our digital product we have to deliver spares for 5 years
after discontinuation (legislation), but the products are obsolete within
those 5 years because of the pace of development."  It appears that rapid
obsolescence is a double-edged sword...yes?
As I prefer to end on a positive note, I have a suggestion.  Why
doesn't Hasselblad at least try to find some small companies, repair shops,
or parts suppliers to whom you can refer those of us who continue to use
your older equipment?  Make a small list that can be posted to your web site
or e-mailed to us Jurassic era photographers.  This would take very little
time and maintain the integrity that Victor Hasselblad's writings and Ernst
Wildi's professionalism have lead the world of professional photographers to
expect from Hasselblad since I bought my first one in 1970.

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