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Bernie Bertridge cuprotype or copper cyanotype

Finally, Bernie's cuprotype thanks to Jan contacting him.

Here's a pic of one of his at this URL:


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Hello Chris, My web-site is: www.berridge-photography.com It is very
new, so I do not have many images on it yet. Also, some friends of mine
set it up for me, and I don't know how to maintain it by myself yet. So I
cannot update it yet. My e-mail address is also very new. Thanks for
writing. Bernie

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Hi Bernie!
I tried to contact you a bunch but it refused the address so
I am glad you emailed.

You have a website??? Tell me!

Thanks for the info, and glad Jan forwarded Jim's method to

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Subject: Jim Patterson Cuprotype
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 16:00:05 +0000

>Hello Christina, Jan forwarded me a copy of Jim
>Patterson's method. The method is a lot different than
>mine, but it appears that we end up with the same pigment.
> On comparing the two methods I realized that the method I
>have on my web site is already "out of date". Exposure
>should be no longer than 16 minutes. The images do not need
>to be printed very dark. They acheive full density with
>age and when mounting with a dry mount press. I no longer
>print them backwards, but the sensitized paper does need to
>be completely dry.
> Best wishes, Bernie

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