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Re: For Sandy: On testing Pictorico OHP Transparency Film

If it will  hold whatever inkset you are using fine, try just measuring the UV density with a UV densitometer and see what you get... I would think you should be able to use  it fine... How is it supposed to be different from the Pictorico OHP that is commonly used?  Just the packaging?

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In a message dated 10/25/07 8:22:41 PM, panmedia@comcast.net writes:

I received a few inquires on the Pictorico OHP film. To save some typing
I answer all of them here:

Those transparencies are from a business friend who distribute a major
brand of professional inkjet paper/films. It is an overstock item and he
sold me the whole lot. I am not sure if you can find anything in the
market - I never did any research on this. I can sell you some if test
turns out good.

Those are genuine "Pictorico OHP". Because the 100-sheet box (differ
from 15 sheets) I would like to test it first. Through the test I would
like to see if it is the same or close to Pictorica OHP Films that is
usually used for digital negative. Can it be used for alternative
processes and/or regular silver process.  I buy those OHP is for my own
use and the extra can be sold to the people who can use this film.

I can send a few people (8.5x11) 15 sheets each for the testing. I got
two responses from Don and Todd right now, I can send two more people
that is interested to do the test. Plus Sandy if he has time and
interest, 5 people should be enough to tell us something.


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