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Re: dpi for digital negatives

Hi!,  banding problem periodically comes to visit and look for my work.
I print with 2100 epson on Agfa jet film, setting glossy paper and 2880.
Files are 360 dpi. Colour is 70.255.0 - 90.255.0 for carbon print.
Epson utility helps but it's not a definitive solution.
I think the problem is related to temperature because I noticed it
arrives with change, but it's  specific of areas with a lot of ink ( 0
- 15% of density on positive) on wide immages (30x45cm): may we say
that there is not ink enough in critical situations? (is that a
critical situation?)
When they want disappear, and I don't know why.
So, do anybody tried other settings (less then 2880 or other paper support)?

2007/10/29, Sandy King <sanking@clemson.edu>:
> Marilyn,
> If you are printing the negative on an inkjet printer there is no
> need to use more than 360 dpi at the printing size for Epson printers.
> You would need more resolution if making the negatives with other
> types of output, imagesetter, Lambda, etc.
> Sandy King
> At 12:34 PM -0700 10/29/07, Marilyn Dalrymple wrote:
> >Can I ask what dpi setting is the best for non-silver, digitally
> >printed negatives, please?
> >
> >Marilyn