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Banding can sometimes be handled with head allignment, head cleaning, using different media choices like premium photo glossy, turning off high speed printing (turning off bi directional printing) and printing at 360 ppi using the printer's highest resolution (On new drivers sometimes called Photo RPM (which oddly enough is better than "Best Photo").  Any one of the above, a combination of the above, or all the above can help.... I use all the above.

The newer printers have less problem with microbanding... some printers just reach a point of wear and tear where you can't get rid of it.

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In a message dated 10/30/07 2:18:58 AM, damiano.bianca@gmail.com writes:

Hi!,  banding problem periodically comes to visit and look for my work.
I print with 2100 epson on Agfa jet film, setting glossy paper and 2880.
Files are 360 dpi. Colour is 70.255.0 - 90.255.0 for carbon print.
Epson utility helps but it's not a definitive solution.
I think the problem is related to temperature because I noticed it
arrives with change, but it's  specific of areas with a lot of ink ( 0
- 15% of density on positive) on wide immages (30x45cm): may we say
that there is not ink enough in critical situations? (is that a
critical situation?)
When they want disappear, and I don't know why.
So, do anybody tried other settings (less then 2880 or other paper support)?

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