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On Wed, 2 Jan 2008, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Hi all,
I know at least one of you out there is using Aquapel as a sizing agent for gum/casein/etc. Anyone else? Where did you get it? How well does it work for you? And if I am not mistaken, isn't this the same stuff they spray on your windshield to let water roll off a duck's back??
Chris, Assuming the product is the same as it was maybe 15 years ago when I tested it as a size for gum it's essentially useless. Which is not to say someone might not find a way to use it, or a process that sits well on it, but I failed, after more testing than I'd usually give for a way to coin gold.

In short, with normal dilutions (that is in half, than half again, and so on) it was more like a sealer than a size -- emulsion simply balled up on it. Then past a certain point, it was so marginal in the mix that it had no sizing effect at all.

This is from memory, I might even have the tests & records somewhere, but I see no need to disturb their rest. Folks who want to prove me wrong however... be my guest. (I'll add here however what, as I recall was Mike Ware's reason -- or one of them -- for not using a proprietary product_-- when they go out of business or discontinue it, you're outa luck.)


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