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direct carbon

Last night I had some emulsion left over from making carbon tissue. I have yet to make carbon prints with it, but that is another story. Just out of curiosity I added some dichromate to it and coated a few sheets of Fabriano Artistico paper with a thin layer of this gelatin/pigment/dichromate mix in a fashion a gum printer would do. Exposure and development were taken straight from my gum/bleach develop practice.
Here is the picture.
The mixture was not heavily pigmented, and I am trying to find in my notes the exact composition of the mix as it was made over 6 months ago. I was delighted with this first attempt. The tonal gradation was excellent. Development was very quick and it responded to the bleach in a "cleaner" fashion then gum based emulsion. The developer was 20cc bleach in 1 liter of water. As a matter of fact, the development was so fast that not all of the dichromate stain was bleached out. I soaked a part of the print in metabisulfate next day to clear the stain.
The print is high key and it might have enough density for some subjects. I am making another batch of emulsion with much more pigment. Stay tuned

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