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Re: peeling the apple + "American Photography"

Hi Judy,

Thanks again for taking the time to correct my grammar.  I guess I really should take more time to go over what I write instead of just dashing off something and hitting the send button. 

Yes, I  sat when *I* was a kid and watched my Grandfather peel apples—we were both sitting.  He was peeling and I was watching.  Sometimes a cousin or two would sit and watch with me.  Perhaps not with the same enthusiasm that you watch my grammar, but still with quite a bit of enthusiasm. 

My Grandfather was born just after the end of the Civil War.  He lived to be 97.  I also remember his father—I don't remember him peeling apples though.  I do remember him snatching at my ankles with his cane when I would run by him.  My cousins and I played this game with him.  I wonder what made me think of that?

The discussion of the pen knife made me think of him.  I thought I might risk sharing a fragment of that memory.  Apparently my being "grammar-challenged" was more interesting.

I will clarify for the list that it was not I who appointed you "Grammar Policewoman" for the list—I believe you are self-appointed.

I'm assuming you are trying to be helpful, rather than just trying to be a pain in the ass... correct?  I mean, I would probably know it if you were trying to be a pain in the ass.

Judy, I don't know what I would do without you. I have a feeling that no-one else really gives a S**t about my grammar.  So, your attention really does comfort me.  I will sleep easy tonight knowing that once you receive this bit of prose you will ply your trade and save me from myself again.  I hope your policing doesn't keep you from doing your latest gum stain test—I know you do them regularly, in secret, but are just shy about sharing the results.

I have a 10,000 page manuscript here that you can take a peek at if you like.

Regarding your question about the source of the apple.  Unfortunately Grandpa did not have an apple orchard in the back yard, though he did have an outhouse in the back yard—but that's a different kind of apple.  Fortunately, he did had indoor plumbing.  So my guess is that the apples came from a relative who did have an orchard, or from the local store.  They probably did not have to truck them in from a 1,000 miles away—we do have apples in the Midwest.  Not a BIG APPLE, but nice apples just the same—and good manners.

Cheers, etc.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 1/9/08 12:12:51 AM, jseigel@panix.com writes:

I think it was you, Mark, who appointed me grammar police... So it would
be remiss of me not to point out that it wasn't your grandfather who used
to sit as a kid, but you as a kid who watched grandfather, etc.... or so I
surmise.  And what kind of apple, pray tell?  Off a tree in the back yard?
Surely at the very least a nice fresh orchard apple, not one cold storaged
& trucked 1000 miles.

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