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Re: peeling the apple + "American Photography"

Hi Greg,

I have no doubt that Judy could proofread circles around me.  We all have our skills—I try to avoid running around in circles—it makes me dizzy.  ;)

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 1/9/08 4:20:54 AM, gws1@columbia.edu writes:

FWIW, my use of the English language is often more than a bit lazy (I
blame it on experiments conducted by educators in the 1960's - Robert's
series - we were a test school).  That said, Judy is an astute editor
and would probably proofread circles around you, Mark.  I must admit I
have sometimes been irritated when Judy has corrected my use of the
language (after all - everyone knows what I mean), but often, on
reflection, I have realized that I have not clearly pointed to my
subject or the action(s) I meant to highlight.  Not a bad thing.

--greg schmitz

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