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Re: Réf. : Re: CArbon Fresson and '' ARVEL''

The following refers to the ''ARVEL'' process. The paper for this was made by Fressons.
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Subject: Réf. : Re: CArbon Fresson

''Mouret, mentioning the work of Charles W . Miller writes :
> >>
> >> ''Early in the morning, he places a piece of sensitized Fresson paper in
> >> contact with a paper negative outside of the window, and leaves it there
> >> all day long without the least inspection.  In the evening, he transfers
> >> the paper into the cold water bath for 4 minutes and then into another
> >> tray containing a mixture of  1 ounce of Javelle water and  3 6 ounces of
> >> ordinary tap water.  Now the paper must be watched very carefully, and as
> >> soon as the edges begin to lighten it must be instantly removed and placed
> >> either on a glass or tin plate, or in an empty tray.  It may now be
> >> sprayed carefully under the tap, or better with the aid of a rubber hose
> >> carrying a glass or hard rubber tip, to enable the operator to direct a
> >> fine jet of water just at the point where it is momentarily required.  The
> >> entire surface must be treated in this fashion, until the desired degree
> >> of density has been reached, whereupon the picture may be hung up for
> >> drying.''
> >>
> >> Charles M. Mouret.  ''The Fresson Direct Carbon Printing Process'',  The
> >> American Annual of Photography.   (1929 ) pp  179 -182  ''
In your article on the Carbon Fresson, have you the formula to make the paper Carbon Fresson
Yes or No
Without formula, no value
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Date : 01/09/08 16:46:01
Sujet : Re: CArbon Fresson

I do not have a copy of this FRESSON article but I do have a copy of the FRESSON article, 


published in The American Annual of Photography, 1929, if it would be of any value to you.



On Jan 9, 2008, at 4:52 AM, Philippe Berger wrote:

Know you this article
"ALENIUS Edward K., The Fresson Process, American Photography, dec. 1934, 7232-738. "
Is it possible to obtain this article ?

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