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Re: peeling the apple + "American Photography"

Hi there

Sure Alternative Process Printing is passť,  but that is why this list
thrives (with the additional attraction that woolly thinking and sloppy
grammar get short shrift).

In my view using PS plugins to increase the mushiness of your pixels is a
mainstream process  - not really "alt" at all.  You can read about it on
every magazine stand.  It doesn't need further discussion in alt photo

If anyone is still interested in postmodernism, I recently found this brief
account of its demise:   http://www.philosophynow.org/issue58/58kirby.htm

Don Sweet

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Ohhh, Don, don't make me faint...

We might as well face it, Alternative Process Printing is now passť. Better
plan on adding a chapter for PS plugins to the Gum book!