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Re: peeling the apple + "American Photography"

There is no longer any need to use wet processes with this Photoshop plugin.
see also http://nexi.com/tony
They dragged from alternativephotography.com the results from all the techniques, but with some funny results. For instance, the only resinotypes were greenish and so they tone green.
However, I would interpret this as an increased interest towards these techniques.
It is worth noting, at least with my Italian eyes (that is, referring to what I see everydays in my country), that the professional photographers frequently use for their creative works, in particular for advertising and fashion, many shooting or printing techniques which formerly were appannage of almost only the amateurs.
Since some years, some advertisements have the typical look of a platinum/palladium print, nuances and split-tones included. I have never seen anythuing looking like a cyanotype, however. Maybe in the future?