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Re: Judy: Fresson question

On Sat, 12 Jan 2008, Jonathan Bailey wrote:

Hi all - and especially Judy,

(There's also a nice photo of Edward
looking a handsome 40-ish and smoking a cigarette by Fred R. Dapprich
Do you mean the cigarette was by Fred - or the photograph?!?
Hi Jon....

Touche'... Of course that's not as bad as a dangling modifier, but you're right... a more felicitous phrasing might have been, "There's also a nice photo by Fred R. Dapprich of Edward Weston looking handsome..." etc.

The trouble with that is putting Dapprich first gives him an importance out of proportion -- he's not the point, we never heard of him -- Weston is. A better solution might have been to add a word or a comma, or both, as: "There's also a nice photo of Edward Weston smoking a cigarette and looking handsome, by Fred R. Dapprich." (Better?)

I'm confused (wink)
YOU'RE confused !! When I logged on tonight the first subject line in the first e-mail in my queue read, "oh my goodness.. your Penis is BELOW average!" Imagine how confused I might be.