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Re: OT (a little) - Monitor calibration

We have used both the Eye-One and the ColorVision Spyder. Where I teach we have
used the Spyder to calibrate all of the monitors. The new Spyder is apparently improved
and quite good.
The Eye-One seems to have the edge in many people's eye, so to speak. I have used
both here in my studio and like the results of both. If you don't have much money go
for the ColorVision product.

Hi Michael,

Since no one has responded to your question I thought I might offer this
suggestion for monitor calibration; the x-rite Eye-One Display 2 Colorimeter
Monitor Profiler.

I've been very pleased with my x-rite colorimeter. The x-rite is probably
more than you wanted to spend but it is a first rate product.

Don Bryant