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Re: Direct Carbon Potential.

achakali@wideopenwest.com wrote:

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To expand on the commercial side of things, I think the current market for either a carbon transfer or direct carbon printing product is miniscule. However, if we turn back the clock about 30 years, one could have made the same statement about platinum printing. It is my understanding that Dick Sullivan went ahead and began producing platinum printing materials at a time when a market didn’t exist and quite likely contributed a good deal of the impetus for its successful revival. Though carbon transfer is not widely used today, Dick’s current work to make carbon transfer products available makes perfect sense in light of platinum’s resurrection.
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You left out Irving Penn, Modernage Lab, George Tice and a host of others that popularized platinum printing beginning in the 1970's. This is not meant as a put down to the work that Dick has done, but I doubt seriously if there would be a market for platinum if it were not for the work of the photographers and printers that preceded him.

--greg schmitz