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RE: Mail-Order Art Supplies

I've had really good luck with ordering online with Jerry's Artarama. One time they goofed on an order (sent the wrong item) but made it right very quickly, but that was only one of many orders with them. I've gotten brushes, paper and watercolor paint from them.

From: Dave S <fotodave@dsoemarko.us>
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Subject: Mail-Order Art Supplies
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 13:27:00 -0500

I really need to push myself to go back to printing. Can I ask what online
art-supply stores that you use and am happy with?

I will be doing gum bichromate prints and some of my own direct carbon
printing, so I am interested in paper, watercolor and that sort of things. I
am also interested in stores that sell you block of paper samples.

Thanks in advance!