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Interesting idea—I am sure others have thought of this. 

A couple of thoughts.

1.  An exposure time of 16-48 hours is going to be a big problem for some processes.  For example, with some processes, the coated paper will change change speed over the duration of the exposure.

2.  Machines that use lasers (Lightjet) and LED's (  Chromira)  are pretty expensive.  They are also difficult to keep in allignment.  If not kept in allignment they have some of the same banding problems that inkjet printers have.

Not to discourage you at all.  You may come up with something that will have us all drooling!

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 1/18/08 7:48:09 PM, sitgesn1@netscape.net writes:

There has been a lot of talking about Fresson and I believe John even
suggested to make a machine for direct carbon coating but I should like
to talk about another for me much more interesting possibility. For
alternative photographic process what we should need, I believe, 
should be a  digital enlarger that could permit us to print digital
files directly -avoiding negatives- on coated papers using UV light.

I have been thinking about this possibility and I used a lot of my free
time making engineering drawings for implementing this idea but I
should like to discuss openly my project with anyone  interested in it
because the project is too big and expensive for a single person.

Here are some basic details of my project:

-Table size:740x1100 mm=29.1x43.5"

-Maximum print surface: 600x800 mm =23.6x31.4"

-Table movements: x, y z linear guides and step motors

-Type of light:365 nm monochromatic UV leds

-Number of UV leds: 1600

-Pixel sizes: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 mm

-Pixels per inch: 254, 127, 84 and 64 ppi

-Number of simultaneous pixels:50x32=1600

-Estimated printing time for 1600 pixels: 1-6 sec

-Estimated printing time for 48Mpixels: 16-48 hours

-Estimated total cost of end product: $5000 - $10000

   Is there anyone interested in exchanging ideas about it?


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