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Re: European Travelling Portfolio 2007/2008

The purpose of the European Travelling Portfolio is to enable the participants to see each other's work, so generally the portfolio is sent from one participant to another. However its wider purpose is to enlarge an appreciation of photo-alt and to encourage participation in the portfolio. I can ask the members of the group if there is any objection to the portfolio going to a non participant. I am sure there will be no problem. Stay in touch with Jean Miguel Jusdado and Tom Sabota. They are our Spanish participants. Each of them will have the portfolio in turn when it reaches Spain.
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Should it be possible to exhibit European Travelling Portfolio in Barcelona in our photographic organization home?


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Subject: European Travelling Portfolio 2007/2008

This is to tell any interested persons on the list

that the European Travelling Portfolio is landing at The Camera Club 16

Bowden St. London SE11 4DS phone 020 7 587 1809 on Saturday afternoon January

the 26th from 3:00 until 5:00. Work by Tom Sobota and Jusdado from Spain, Jean

Daubas from France and from the U.K. - Tom Brewer, Alex Chater, Peter

Fredrick, Maureen Marron and Hellena Cleary will be presented.Last year we

finished on a really high note with an excellent exhibition in Spain organized

by Tom Sobota. Hopefully we shall see some of you from the list who may want to

contribute in the future. Hellena

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