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Steichen and Rodin, was Re: Réf. : ON TOPIC. Brassai and Proust

Merci pour ce lien mais, au-delà des photographies qui sont présentées, je pense que la relation humaine entre Rodin et Edward Steichen est une aventure artistique passionnante !
Thanks for this link but, going further than the pictures which are shown, one of the most fascinating adventure has been the exceptionnal relation between the 2 artists Edward Steichen and Rodin and the way this relation made evolve their art work.
Photographic cheers from france
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Subject: Réf. : ON TOPIC. Brassai and Proust

And also Rodin
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Bonjour tout le monde,
                                          ''Proust  in the Power of Photography''  by Brassai.
''Marcel Proust sous l' emprise de la photographie.''
Translated by Richard Howard  ( 2001 )
It may not be generally known that  Marcel  Proust  was a writer whilst Brassai was a photographer and journalist.
''Pleasures are like photographs: those  taken in the beloved's presence no more than negatives, to be developed later, once you are home,  having regained the use of  that interior darkroom, access to which is ''condemned ''as long as you are seeing other people'' ''
                    --  WITHIN A BUDDING GROVE
Sorry, my French is not good enough to do this quote justice.
John - Photographist - London - UK

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