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Re: vernis soehnee

I use diluted Liquitex gloss medium for a final finish on many of my gumover prints. Undiluted, it has a very high-gloss, almost sort of plastic-like, appearance. Which seems sort of antithetical to the whole handmade charm of gum prints. So I found that dilution between 1:5 (varnish:water) and 1:8, allows one to get a nice luster surface on the print. The only caveat I can relate is that the diluted medium does not keep well. It gets stinky and grows things in about a week. So I mix up what I will use and discard the rest.

I suspect, btw, that in modern art practice most of the old varnishes have been superceded by acrylics... I need to cover some prints where I don't want to use glass. I plan to try liquitex high gloss. Has someone done that? With inkjet? With gum?