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Re: cremains and other ingredients in gumprints

wow, I'm speechless and not really sure how to respond to the use of cremation ash to make a print. Somehow it seems to cross that invisible line but then maybe it doesn't. I hadn't heard of this particular practice, although I've seen hair weavings and portraits of deceased family members made from the deceased's hair. And in some cultures one's hair and nail clippings are fairly sacred and not treated at all cavalierly like many people here in the US do. Fascinating. -t

gumprint@gmail.com wrote:

The topic of postmortem imagery was brought up briefly in 1998. I had successful results using gum bichromate on sized black paper but not enough to write about; still working on it. BTW thank you Judy and John for your encouragement.

For those interested, I stumbled upon this link to a photographer who had been making images with some manner of emulsion but it wasn't made clear what he was using. Seems like dusting on over gum. He has incorporated many ingredients such as tar, clay, eggshells, hair and with cremains to make images "with the person/object" .

Have a look:http://www.finkartgallery.com/ash-hair-art.htm with more links within.