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RE: gum

Chris and Scott,

I know 
Don Bryant and I rarely come up with the same colors for things.

In my experience the blocking color not only depends on the inkjet printer
(read ink type) used but it is also strongly influenced by the UV light
source used. So getting someone else's curve may not work very well for the
reasons I just listed and other reasons related to ones own personal
printing technique and environment. 

Don't be frustrated if you first attempts aren't fruitful and satisfying. I
learn something new every time I make a gum print.

If you have some larger format negatives that you have made silver gelatin
prints with you may wish to try using those to print at first rather than
jumping on the digital negative band wagon from the get go. This will help
you get an idea of how your gum/pigment/dichromate/paper/coating methods are
working together without the complication of generating curves.

And don't forget to use your step tablet, it is your friend.


Don Bryant


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