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Re: cyanotype frames

Do you mean frames, like regular framing for a matted image?  If so, I often use a Nielson (sp?) frame, the one called German silver, with a flat profile.  I like it, because it has a matte finish and also has a subtle copper sort of color/tone added to it, so it's not a pure "silver" color.  I think it works really well for platinum prints, but I also use it for cyanotype.  The German silver nicely offsets the image, but doesn't overpower it, to my mind.  I always see everyone using black frames, which have never appealed to me-- even with b&w images.  My eye always goes to the frame, instead of the image, when it's black-- or white, for that matter.  I know a white frame is supposed to disappear against a white mat, but to my eye, it just calls attention to itself.  That's my take, anyway.  

On Jan 27, 2008, at 4:54 PM, Joel Lederer wrote:

Greetings All

This question was brought up in March '03. Here it is again with further parameters.
What are folks using to frame "straight" cyanotype prints? By straight I mean masked exposure, unmanipulated, single process with simple window mats.

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