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Re: mat board: somewhat o.t.

Why 8-ply? Just curious. From my experience, you're going to pay a lot more for mat board already cut to a 16x20 size. Although this may not help you, I buy my mat board from a local art supply place in town (less expensive than Jerry's), then I take that mat board and my written dimensions (for a window mat) to Jerry's, and they cut it (with a computer-- so it's perfect every time) for a very minimal cost. Unless I am getting a lot made, they can usually do this while I wait. Both stores are not that far from me (within 1-2 miles), and it's all relatively inexpensive. I gave up on Light Impressions years ago--before they moved operations to CA. I think they're overpriced and, well, they seemed to be getting more incompetent by the minute. That was some years ago; maybe they've improved.

Anyway, that doesn't help you much, except I encourage you to seek out a local supply store and go with 4-ply. Email me if you want to know my local art store; they probably have it, possibly in 8-ply, and would mail it to you. Also, if you have a Jerry's near you, they may have it and would cut it down to 16x20, possibly at no (or very little) cost to you.


On Jan 29, 2008, at 11:08 AM, Tom Hawkins wrote:

Hi Folks,

I generally get mat board from Light Impressions. They are out of stock (and don't know when they'll have it again) of the type that I need.

Can anyone recommend a secondary supplier of Light Impressions products? I'm hoping someone might have this in their stockroom, or sitting pristinely packaged on a shelf.

I need: 16 x 20, 8 ply, Westminster Natural White.

Don't want to purchase larger sheets and cut it down. I'm lazy and cheap. And inaccurate and clumsy.

Checked Calumet, and they don't carry this stuff. Studio Supply (in SF) doesn't carry 8 ply. Haven't checked local framers, yet.



Tom Hawkins