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Re: problem

On Monday 04 February 2008 8:36:36 am Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> ****How many are on the list, Gordon?****

The list has 516 subscribers at the moment.   A number of these are archiving 
services - so lets say around 500 real people reading the list.

Sadly my darkroom is packed into boxes and sitting in my garage.  We had water 
seeping into the basement of our house - caused lots of damage - we finally 
identified a crack in the floor under the subfloor of my darkroom as the 
likely source of the leakage.

Can't do the repair work until spring when the ground thaws - likely sometime 
in May in our climate ( Its a brisk -30 C today :)  I can't put my darkroom 
back together til May

No photo activity from me til May :(


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