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Re: problem

LOL Sandy,

This weekend, from Wednesday night til Sunday night, I went
through 25,000 digital images on my backup drive, culled it
down to 17,000, chose out of that 1000 of the top and out of
that 100 that I will do in gum over the next year.  Digital
as well as film is one big archive nightmare.  I could hang
up the camera now and just use what I have!  So I feel your
pain.  In the process I was looking for a couple measley
little items and never found them.

Which is why keywording digifiles should be a MUST.

But I did manage to print 10 gums while doing this :)

Sorry for you, Gordon--that is TERRIBLE.


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From: Sandy King <sanking@clemson.edu>
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Subject: Re: problem
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 12:26:37 -0500

>At 10:15 AM -0500 2/4/08, Diana Bloomfield wrote:
>>Maybe the reason a lot of us don't post is that we're busy
>>making  photographs and/or printing and/or griping
>>about/intrigued  by/volunteering for this presidential
>>election cycle, still getting  over our sadness that one
>>of our favorites (ie, John Edwards) has  opted out, and--
>>you know-- just generally living our lives.  I  could be
>>wrong, of course. 
>>Just speaking for me, sometimes a topic comes up that
>>either holds  very little interest, or I know nothing
>>about it (more likely), so I  don't bother to post.
>>Sometimes I notice people post, and no one  ever responds,
>>so we go back to living our lives and try to detach 
>>ourselves from the computer. 
>Not sure why others are not posting but in my case it is
>not because  of happy printing. I am in something of a
>major funk regarding the  dismal lack of organization in my
>system of negative storage. I have  been going through
>hundreds of negatives that were not well organized  and
>filed over a period of many years and trying to put them
>into  some kind of category or date system. The task is
>quite overwhelming  and makes me realize that even I never
>make another negative I  already have so many that I would
>be lucky to print even 1/10 of  them.  And after several
>days of doing this I still have not located  the lost or
>misplaced negatives that set all of this off.
>The whole experience has made me quite depressed and I am
>starting to  wonder if it would not be best to simply burn
>all of them and start  from scratch. Is anyone else having
>similar problems, or is this just  a side effect of my
>bi-polar tendencies?

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