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Re: problem

I remember Sam Wang telling me in grad school that someone
said maybe it'd be a great thing if all the images from the
past were lost in a flood and the slate were wiped clean. I
was horrified at the loss of art history but you
know--there's a point in there.

Why I like gum printing is the making of the image is much
more enjoyable than the taking.  I get excited to get into
the darkroom but right now my house is the PITS with trays
of water all over and negatives strewn about.

And I much prefer gum PRINTING than writing about gum :)

And I don't get any time left over to plant eggplants and
clementines...tho they would freeze out in this 12 degree

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From: Diana Bloomfield <dhbloomfield@bellsouth.net>
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Subject: Re: problem
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 13:18:26 -0500

>Hi Sandy,
>Well, I sometimes wonder that, too-- if to "simply burn it
>all and   start from scratch" might be best.  When I'm not
>home, but in town,   and I hear fire alarms in the area, I
>always worry that it's my house   that's burning to the
>ground while I'm out buying eggplant or   clementines. 
>It's like this big dark cloud that hovers over me, until  
>I finally get home and see that all is well.  Still . . . I
>often   wonder what I would do if all my negatives, prints,
>and digital files   were destroyed in this imaginary house
>fire, or what I'll do if that   big satellite that's gonna
>fall from the sky next month or whenever,   will drop right
>on my house.  I have to admit, if I lost all my   negatives
>, etc, I'd be really upset for a while; on the other hand,
>I   think it sure would provide a nice clean fresh start. 
>Maybe we (I)   wouldn't feel so restricted in what and how
>I chose to photograph and   print if the slate were wiped
>totally clean.  That's what I wonder,   anyway.
>On the other hand, I like that I have so many negatives
>that I never   have to go out and photograph anymore if I
>don't want to.  Like you, I   think I could just sit here
>and print the rest of my life, and that   would be fine. 
>When I think about doing that, though, I get worn   out.  I
>think I've realized that the part I like best about  
>photography is the actual photographing.  Deep down, I
>don't think I   ever really liked to print.  If I had an
>amazing space in which to   work, then maybe I'd like it
>better.  Then again, that would just put   more pressure on
>me to print, because I have this great space.
>The hard drive on my 1 year old laptop crashed last week,
>and I lost   everything on it.  I had a new hard drive put
>in, and I found it   really liberating to start fresh.  The
>person who replaced the hard   drive gave me a card for one
>of these companies that will try to   reclaim your files
>for you.  I kept the card but decided not to do   anything
>about it.  After a week, I can't even remember what I had
>on   it, so I figured that was similar to keeping old
>clothes that you   never wear, just hanging around in your
>closet taking up space.  If   you haven't worn them in over
>a year, you ought to just bite the   bullet and get rid of
>So, yeah, I have similar problems.  My main problem is that
>I could   sit around and think about this stuff all day and
>never get anything   done.  It's quite a dilemma, for sure.
>Good luck with your storage system, or lack of, Sandy. :)
>> Diana,
>> Not sure why others are not posting but in my case it is
>> not because   of happy printing. I am in something of a
>> major funk regarding the   dismal lack of organization in
>> my system of negative storage. I have   been going
>> through hundreds of negatives that were not well  
>organized and filed over a period of many years and trying
>> to put   them into some kind of category or date system.
>> The task is quite   overwhelming and makes me realize
>> that even I never make another   negative I already have
>> so many that I would be lucky to print even   1/10 of
>them.  And after several days of doing this I still have
>> not   located the lost or misplaced negatives that set
>>all of this off. 
>> The whole experience has made me quite depressed and I am
>> starting   to wonder if it would not be best to simply
>> burn all of them and   start from scratch. Is anyone else
>> having similar problems, or is   this just a side effect
>>of my bi-polar tendencies? 
>> Sandy

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