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Re: problem

Mark said:
>The proof sheets and digital files are an interesting
>record of what has  captured my eye over the years.   I
>also find it interesting to note that upon  viewing old
>contact sheets, I may find that images I ignored at the
>time are far  more interesting to me now than the ones I
>originally chose.   It's  fascinating to see how some
>aspects of our work changes over time and other aspects
>seem  to remain the same.

OK FINE I'll post one more time just to be annoying but I'll
share my "creative" idea I did this week:  first I went
through all the photos as I said and then culled the 1000
into one file called CURRENT.  Then I looked at each
individual image and just quickly labeled it
something--maybe one was "old stuff" or one was "vacant" or
one was "angst". So I made some folders that corrresponded
to what "themes" were continually appearing in my work.  As
I went through each image, I "tossed" it into one of the
folders. The ones I didn't know where they belonged I tossed
into a "don't know yet" folder.  THEN the fun began.  I went
through each folder, got a count of how many images were in
each.  A "beauty" folder was paltry so I looked at the
images in and decided what other folders they could be put
into.  My folders were not "old barns" or "sunsets" but
concepts, btw.  Then, after all this sorting, I had 4
possible exhibitions and one had the most images in it and
voila--my "show of choice".  Of course now I have to make
the gum prints!

 But better yet was that I found that all my images fit into
a very narrow range of interest and it helped me realize
what my work is all about. As well as gave me the (false)
sense of security that I was organized and in control.  So
while y'all are bipolar, I can be OCD.

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