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Re: new problem

Oh, thanks Jack.  I had no idea there were so few MAC users relative to Windows (or as we refer to it in this house, "that Microsoft crap").  

No kidding that "Leopard software has some glitches."  I certainly blame Apple for putting out a half-assed product, but I also blame Epson for not devoting resources to keeping up with the changes.  


On Feb 4, 2008, at 6:19 PM, Jack Fulton wrote:

The writing of an operating system is more than complicated and the prime OS is for Windows.

Mac/Apple is growing in usage but still below 10% of the computers in the world. That alone

causes programmers for companies to spend time working out the changes necessary in their

programs to work on Windows.

The new OX Leopard software has glitches, which are theoretically being solved with an upcoming

update of near 450 MB's . . so, many of us might wish to wait a bit for Tiger to settle down.