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	This is WAYYYYYYYYY OT so I am begging your indulgence.  Please
reply off list.
Living in Barbados is lovely but it is very difficult to network any
questions.  My wife and I bought Thomas J Leonard's  
CD set, 28 PRINCIPLES OF ATTRACTION.  I think there are 7 CDs and we lost #3
when we moved.  We have tried the original manufacturer and supplier to try
to get #3 with no luck.  It is silly to buy the expensive whole set just to
replace  CD #3 so I am hoping that one of you might have this set and be
willing to burn us a copy of CD #3.  We would, of course, pay for the CD and
	I hope you can help.

 Please check my website: http://www.bobkiss.com/  

"Live as if you are going to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you are going to
live forever".  Mahatma Gandhi